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(Guitars, Vocals) :


Being with Kahtmayan is not necessarily a matter of musical type, actually it has more to do with life. I'm basically a music lover who finds enjoyable music of any genre provided that it's fed with exquisite material of music, yet Kahtmayan is a different story.

There is an image within me carved out of particular experiences accumulated in my hometown and this is constantly recalling me. These experiences include all the memories, traditions, superstitions, beliefs and voices gradually forming the concept I get from them all. The image is always there deep inside my soul and it has now turned into an insight of who I am. In fact I've made an everlasting vow to be with Kahtmayan.



(Guitars) :


There are thousand voices in my head, Screams and whispers, Resonating chaos.

There’s a lunatic within me, A fire that burns Where my eyes cry ashes for tears, And Kahtmayan is the fuel for the flame.










(Bass, Back Vocals) :


For me music is kind of life attitude. Is a safe place to escape from routine and ephemeral life an opportunity to conversion my inner colors to sound.

Playing instrument is the best of my real moments and Kahtmayan gives me all of these.













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