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May 2014

Saeed Piltan leave Kahtmayan because of some personal reasons, and Ali Faraz Joined Kahtmayan as guest Drummer.





December 2013

Amir Kharrazi joined Kahtmayan as manager.





August 2013

Kahtmayan is busy with rehearsal the Risen From The Ashes album with new members.





July 2013

After Kahtmayans audition, Saeed Moghaddami as Guitarist and Mostafa Salehi as Bassist joined Kahtmayan At 19 July 2013.





July 2011

Kahtmayan is busy recording their album "Risen From the Ashes" which includes 9 songs.
All of the drums parts have been recorded in Kargadan studio and now the band is recording electric and bass guitars and vocals in Kerman.





July 2011

Currently kahtmayan has a new member who plays bass guitar. Bijan Majdzadeh, the new bassist of the band was born in 1980 and is brother of Homayoun Majdzadeh.
Till now Bijan has not been a member of any official bands and has played for his own personal interests.





January 2011

Kahtmayan is going to record its first album with vocals called “Risen from Ashes”. The album songs were composed in about 8 months and the band has had various rehearsal sessions and is now ready to go to studio and record the album. Despite all the difficulties and ups and downs the band faced during recent years, Kahtmayan has tried its best to create a musical work that is in line with the reason why the band came into existence in the first place. Kahtmayan wishes to thank the fans and all those who contributed to the creation of Risen from Ashes.




Previous records "Virtual Existence" [2009] and "Exir" [2005] are available as Free in Download Page.





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